Steven R. Levey, PhD, LCSW is proud to be a licensed clinical social worker in the State of New York.

Dr. Levey is qualified to provide a variety of different services. Services include;

  • One-to-one therapy/counseling,
  • Marriage/family therapy,
  • Professional development and training programs,
  • Webinars – Live and Prerecorded,
  • Parenting Workshops,
  • Organizational Consultations  

Dr. Levey is also developing his original Podcast series,

     “I have something to say.” 

Dr. Levey has offices in both Nassau and Suffolk County, NY. 

To find out more information about any of the above services and to schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Levey at 516-729-6323.  Weekend and evening appointments are now available.


“Dr. Levey has assisted me in finally finding “peace of mind”. His altruism and caring nature is priceless!!!” (A.W.).

“I have known Dr. Levey for over 10 years.  In that time, I have been acquainted with the high caliber of his professional expertise. He continues to remain as one of the best clinicians in the mental health field supporting high ethical standards and unparalleled patient care for all of his clients” (Robert Howard, LCSW).

To find out more, please contact Dr. Levey at 516-729-6323 for a free phone consultation or by sending a confidential e-mail through this website.