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Summertime is those months that adolescents tend to look forward to the most. The summer months often consist of no homework, lots of daylight and few of the “regular” school year rules. On the other hand, parents sometimes dread looking forward to the summer months as that is the time of year of fewer rules, more free time and thus more opportunity to “get into trouble”.

From a school perspective, the summer months, although serving as a well needed break from the school year “grind”, can serve as that time of year for students to lose the focus and discipline that is required to succeed in school. Thus, this presents a conundrum for all involved: The student, the parent and the school.

The summer months can be successful and fun for all involved with a few easy tips:

  1. Decide before school ends what the rules and expectations will be for the summer — agree to them and stick to them!
  2. Whether your child is going to summer school, camp, working, etc., try and maintain as consistent a schedule as possible.
  3. Although curfew and bedtimes sometimes change in the summer, it is important that for the most part you decide on an appropriate curfew and bedtime that can be maintained throughout the summer — schedule and routine is important.
  4. If your child struggled with any issues during the school year, i.e., organization, math, English, etc., the summer months are the perfect time to “practice” the skills necessary to start the next school year on a good note, instead of trying to play catch up when everyone is trying to get back into the swing of the new school year.

Remember, the summer months should serve as a time for the whole family to relax and get away from the “normal” grind of the school year. However, it is important to maintain some consistency as to prevent what for some can be a shaky start to the new school year.

Enjoy the Summer!

Steven R. Levey, L.C.S.W.

In addition to serving as the Director of Counseling at a private school, Mr. Levey also maintains a private practice working with adolescents and families. He has convenient office hours and locations throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. For more information please visit his website at DrStevenLevey.com.

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